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Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. - Mark Twain
You can always count on Mark Twain. What he doesn't mention is the climate includes rains of fire flakes, hell horses, demons, devils, lawyers, and billions of the Damned, many of whom weren't exactly the nicest people in life.
Hell is an Equal Opportunity kind of place. Mess up, and you'll end up on Slab A being worked over by the Undertaker, who isn't the most pleasant chap. Really mess up and Satan will display your still living body parts for all to see, before sending you to the Undertaker.
The Damned are in Hell for punishment. And punished they will be, often by other of the Damned. King or beggar, Hell will be one Hell of a trip for all of them. A short trip in many cases. Back to the Undertaker, who sometimes makes minor mistakes, like putting your arms where your legs are supposed to go. You've got to pity the poor guy though, he's just been swamped since Guy Fawkes used a nuclear weapon on the Hall of Injustice.
This is the seventeenth book in the series, and no, you don't need to read the earlier books first. Janet Morris has done her usual incredible job of pulling together a group of talented writers, and sending them on a mission to help with the punishment.
You'll meet old friends, and new friends in Hell. Just don't turn your back on them if you have the 'Get Out of Hell Free Card!'
And never enter Hell without your sword/spear/bow/pistol/nuclear weapon at hand and ready for use. Oh, no, you took the safety off and are bleeding to death. Let me relieve you of your money and gun, and say 'Hello to the Undertaker for me!'