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Good, but...

Conspiracy of Fools Conspiracy of Fools Conspiracy of Fools - Kurt Eichenwald


Conspiracy of Fools is a fascinating book about Enron. Yep, that Enron, the company that killed so many people's retirement plans.


The story of what happened is fascinating. The presentation is good. The writing is good. But I was less than satisfied with the book as a whole.


This is a common problem for books covering current events. The book ends before it should. It doesn't tie the problems at Enron into the problems that brought about the mortgage crash, which are effectively the same.


Also the book doesn't include even the simplest basic charts, which would show how the schemes that were used to move assets off-book worked. The same schemes that the banks used to package up non-performing mortgages, and move them off book so they wouldn't have to record a loss.


But there's a huge amount of historical information in the book, and it is well worth reading, even if it could have been so much more.